I was talking to a friend, at lunch, about the Qatar-Saudi Arabia situation and the complex (?) hypocrisy of American-Middle Eastern alliances (which brings about the destruction of many of these regional states).

Anyway, I mentioned that Sisi was playing big-man politics which I define as a government supplicating to another government by being a bully to a third government. Thus, we see Egypt sucking up to the United States by bullying and banning Qatar (and hence, Sisi diverts attention from his selling the two islands to Saudi Arabia, an American ally, and also follows in Saudi Arabia’s footsteps). Big-man politics has a lot of ironies to it–as does American foreign policy in general.

I then said, “I hate when people of color call each other ‘terrorists,’ as Sisi said about Qatar’s Al Jazeera, when we should only use that term when discussing white politics in Middle Eastern countries.”

The white girl at the table gave a subtle glare at me and then rolled her eyes.

I didn’t say anything to her, since, before, she has already mentioned my “attacking” her politics and ideas.

But let me say: this isn’t the first time I’ve received a glare for being direct and truthful.

I think, believe and know that using the term “white people” for white politics, culture, food, language, life, and world brings about a truer sense of what we experience as people of color.

Let me explain. But first, it’s important to know that white people have often, and continue to, to group people of color–whether it was using the N word to group slaves from different tribes, languages, cultures in Western Africa, or saying “Latino” for everyone who speaks Spanish in the Americas, or saying “Arab” for every brown person. Grouping people is not new, and it’s initial creator is white people themselves–because when grouping humans into singular categories, there’s a purposeful dehumanization of the Other. It’s a colonial mindset that persists. It’s a death–an assassination–of diversity, of peoples. It makes people of color, in their beauty and glory, without a legacy other than their contribution to white society.

Therefore, when we use the term “white people,” we are not the first to do this. And actually, this is not in retaliation. I’m not a vengeful person. This is not me giving white people a dose of their own medicine. Many people of color say that’s why they use the term “white people”–because white people used it first, and they need to know how it feels. But this is not why I do it. Our God is a god of vengeance–She’ll take care of oppressors.

It’s not revenge, but rather a confrontation of white values. One of the fundamental issues–and yes, issues–of white culture is a sense of superiority. White people–from racists to liberals–have the strong belief that their way is better, or their reformation of a person of color’s idea. For instance, being religious (which most people of color are) is seen as backward to being scientific and rational and secular. Or being at home with your family is seen as not as fun as going out to see a movie or spending money on weekends.

But when white people hear themselves being grouped, it’s an important registration of their own awareness of their humanity. White people are hyper-humans in the West; they’re holy, their actions are sanctified and blessed by themselves. But when they hear themselves as a group of idiots who don’t spice their food, pray, or priorities their families, they become humans–not sub-humans like they made people of color.

Therefore, the idea is not to dehumanize white people, but rather to humanize them from their god-like status in the world. It’s not about mocking their food or culture, but rather allowing white people to understand that their way of living and breathing is not the superior model, but merely a model.

I do not dehumanize anyone, nor does anyone using the term “white people” dehumanize any white person. (White people just have to stop crying about everything true.)

This is my first point, then, that grouping white people linguistically is a mechanism of humanizing humans-who-made-themselves-the-world’s-gods.

My second point in grouping white people and their actions and their ideas is that it provides a truth that often isn’t exposed.

White people–more than any other race upon the earth–have grouped themselves in such a way that they might conquer. You would imagine that there would be many differences between the English and French, no? Or you would imagine that there would be major differences between Canadians and Americans, since they can’t tell the difference between a Palestinian and an Egyptian. But there isn’t.

Why is that? Why is that, more than any other race upon the earth, white people have made themselves a mega-tribe?

There are many answers to this–lack of diversity within white culture and ethnicities, a common goal of hating Black and Brown people, a savage need to conquer–but the important point to make is that white people do group themselves, for their own needs. When we then use the term “white people,” we are only pointing out a global phenomena that white liberal Frenchmen, like Emanuel Macron, will get along with white racist Americans like Donald Trump, shaking hands, smiling, bonding. Their politics seem to be complete opposites, their languages are similar but still different–yet, they bond, yet they work together. It’s an interesting dynamic.

White people–in their own diversity–have made themselves a mega-tribe to oppress Black and Brown peoples. How else is England going to continue extracting diamonds in South Africa? How else is the United States going to continue killing oil laborers protesting in Nigeria? How else is Germany meant to push Greece to the brink of bankruptcy? How else is the European Union (EU) supposed to be keep denying Turkey entry into the EU?

White people are white people.

People of color are merely stating what they see: a mega-tribe coming out of the caves of a forest, ready to feast on human sacrifices. White people are ready to forsake their own differences in order to devastate Black and Brown lives.

That’s why white racists birth white liberals who broke down slavery only to create the prison industrial system in the United States, so that Black men to sent to the slaughter while their families, communities, and essences cannot rise.

So, yes, there is great diversity in the white community–but white people don’t want that diversity. They want to be politically, economically and socially grouped, so as always to stay on top. Therefore, when we use the term “white people,” we are pointing to the reality. Cry all they want, but this is what they do to themselves.

To sum up, using the term “white people” is not racist. It’s not dehumanizing. It’s not mean, rude, or not intelligent. Not only do they group themselves (yet find the means to blame us, people of color, for grouping them), but they also think of themselves as gods. These two false assumptions must be dispelled. White people are not gods; their cultures are not God’s glorious Truth. And white people have grouped themselves for centuries. Why is it rude when we do it? After our enslavement? After our colonization?

Use the term white people. They’ll cry and pout. But like babies who are left in their crib to throw their fit, their parents not responding, white people need to learn to grow up, manage, and develop human senses of Truth. Let them cry–let them learn.


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